Tuesday, June 20, 2017

PFP Fitness Builder Review: Personal Fitness Plans And Featured Workouts

PFP Fitness Builder Review: Personal Fitness Plans And Featured Workouts

Create your own personal fitness plan! The drag & drop library features over 1,000 workouts & 7,000+ exercise images & videos. PFP Fitness Builder - personal fitness plans and featured workouts.
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Saturday, June 17, 2017

StringNinja Review: Does It Work?

It"s almost embarrassing to be a beginner. I feel like just don"t have time, and I just don"t seem to be making ANY progress with guitar. StringNinja is the beginner guitar course by GuitarLessonLounge to quickly leave that uncomfortable place of being a total guitar noob to instead enter the world of guitar mastery.

There was nothing more I wanted then to play my favorite songs. Nothing more than to see the look on my friend"s faces at that party when I would whip out a masterful solo.

StringNinja doesn"t just show you what you need to practice. It shows you what to practice in real time, 2 minutes of this, 1 minute of that.  When you practice (aka actually TAKE ACTION) the right things consistently, it"s amazing how fast you can progress.


StringNinja Review Overview

  • Review of: StringNinja

  • Author: GuitarLessonLounge

  • Released: 11/2011

  • Official website: guitarlessonlounge.com

  • Money back guarantee: no time limit on this

  • Media: HD high resolution video and audio

  • Time to complete: 2 weeks

  • Bonuses: yes

StringNinja Review

Who Is This Course For?

Get String Ninja if you:
  • a little lost and overwhelmed starting guitar

  • don"t know where to even start

  • want 2 years of guitar knowledge packed into 2 weeks

  • just don"t seem to be making ANY progress

  • always screw up when play for somebody

  • want to see the look on your friend"s faces at that party when you would whip out a masterful solo

  • have always felt somewhat lost and stuck playing guitar

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StringNinja Highlights

You see, StringNinja is the answer to learning guitar online"s biggest problem: information overload. There"s just so much stuff out there! Where do you even start?! And not only is the stuff often not great, it"s definitely not STRUCTURED.

Structure is the base of all learning. You learn to crawl, then walk, then run...

This course builds levels upon levels, to push you to the next level in your guitar playing ASAP. We are big believers in dispensed learning.

StringNinja focuses on learning techniques and developing skills with examples taken from songs. It uses songs as a VEHICLE for learning guitar.

String Ninja is a 2-week training program. But it"s like nothing else out there. The training is delivered using an industry first bleeding-edge teaching methodology called Dispensed Learning.

With DL... your brain only gets one chunk of actionable content to digest at a time.

One chunk of content that you will fully understand before you move on the next chunk. This way - by the end of the training - you would have fully digested and consumed (+practiced) EVERY part of the course. Not just the bits your distracted brain decides to look at.

See the difference?...



  • You don"t need expensive teachers.

  • you don"t need to learn boring stuff first

  • you"ll be learning 4 complete AWESOME songs in just 14 days



  • you need to practice consistently

  • you need at least 15-30 minutes a day practicing the things



So you ready to kickstart your guitar learning, to get out of that frustrating spot of small progress and start dropping some jaws? Please don"t go back to watching more Youtube videos and surfing more tab sites. Get a rock solid guitar foundation FIRST. Then you"re free, have the time of your life on tab sites! Give it a try ...

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Breakup Cure Review: Does It Actually Work?

Breakup Cure Review: Does It Actually Work?

Let’s face it, moving on after a relationship isn’t easy. And in most cases, it’s the only way to better yourself and to lead a happier life. But for people who know for a fact that they can still make it work, this Breakup Cure from Kevin can help. It has helped a lot of broken relationships and made them beautiful again. This is not a gimmick... it"s based on a combination of psychology and real world application.
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Monday, June 12, 2017

The Penguin Method Review: Is It a SCAM? Steps For "Penguin Love" By Samantha Sanderson

The Penguin Method Review: Is It a SCAM? Steps For "Penguin Love" By Samantha Sanderson

Did you know penguins mate for life? And that a male penguin will travel thousands of miles across frozen ice just to pledge himself forever to a female penguin and then protect and love her unconditionally for the rest of his days? Samantha Sanderson"s The Penguin Method Shows Women How To Find Their True Love.

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Friday, June 2, 2017

Wedding Speeches For All Examples Of Short Funny Speeches

Wedding Speeches For All Examples Of Short Funny Speeches

What if you"ve been asked to make a wedding speech and you have no idea where to start and what to do? It is almost likely that every one faces this situation. The Wedding Speeches for All eBook series is specially designed to avoiding embarrassment and wedding speech blunders. You don"t have to be a pro to write or give a wedding speech, just have a proper example.
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