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What Are Candy Bouquet eBooks?

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Recently, Candy bouquets have become a popular gift in addition to gift baskets. Many times, I saw an individual’s eyes sparkle when they received a candy bouquet. I can understand why.

Candy Arrangements are floral like edible creations that are not only beautiful but also delicious. People want to surprise their loved ones with unique gifts (not just box of sweets or flowers) and a candy bouquet is the answer. It makes a recipient feel really special. Almost all kids and adults love candy and always welcome candy bouquet gifts. Believe me, your candy bouquet gift will be a hit!

Both books are step-by-step guides with colorful pictures that will teach you how to make your own beautiful candy arrangements.

Both books are composed of two main sections.
1. Basics of Arranging Candy Bouquets.
2. Assembling 24 beautiful pre-designed candy bouquets (each book has unique candy bouquet projects)

Candy Bouquet arrangements are the perfect gift for any occasion. For example, your sweetheart will be blown away if you give her or him Chocolate Roses instead of the usual bouquet of flowers for St. Valentine’s Day. A candy bouquet can be of any shape, size, color, or...

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