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Concentration Zen - Is it a Scam?

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Concentration Zen Review: A newer, better drug free ADHD solution?

Art and PE classes were my favorites, because I could actually keep up. But science, math, or foreign languages? Forget about it.

This is life with ADHD. It puts your thoughts into a blender and scrambles them up. Focusing on tasks of non-trivial mental effort become incredibly difficult.

It hurts relationships too. People who "know" that you have ADHD still feel slighted when you say "huh?" or "I"m sorry I didn"t hear you." The gut instinct is to feel like you don"t care.

When I took a look at Concentration Zen, it was a big deal for me. Yes, I wanted to be more productive, or rather -- I wanted to just be able to function like a normal person. But I also wanted people to see that I cared about them and wasn"t a lazy and at times, hyperactive jerk.

Core concept behind the program

Concentration Zen bills itself as "A sustainable, home-based system for helping control your ADHD."

Author Sean Desilva specifically makes the case that medications like Adderall or Ritalin do help people control their ADHD, but can still be a bad long-term solution because they treat effects, not causes.

Fortunately for us, the causes can be managed simply -- not easily -- by making lifestyle changes.

The 3 pillars of true, long term ADHD relief

Sean teaches a three pillar system for helping bring the mind under control and back into a state of productive focus. Diet is the first pillar and a natural way of regulating proper neurotransmitter function, along with giving the brain adequate replenishment to repair and maintain itself.

“Mental training” is another leg of the system and more or less teaches how to stay focused on one input, without letting the mind wander off. The key to getting from mile-a-minute thinking to true, concentrated focus is to use baby steps that gently encouraged focus on just one thing. In time, the mind is able to stay put.

The final leg of the program is the environmental restructuring pillar, which Sean teaches us is critical for people with ADHD. Because it"s not just the mind that"s causing the distractions, but noises, visual sights, instant messages, and so on. And eliminating those is the easy half of the battle.

Pros and cons of the Concentration Zen method

I like that Sean has created a disciplined approach to organizing one"s life and mind. There"s a strong case that ADHD can indeed be mitigated by nourishing the brain"s chemical needs via foods, after all the brain is 100% made up of food.

My experience with the mental training plan has been both positive and somewhat relaxing. When you ask only so much of yourself each day, you make progress without feeling burdened on day 2. It is a great system for incremental focus improvement in that regard.

I can definitely see most people getting things done a lot more effectively – with or without ADHD – by following this system.

Can it eliminate ADHD completely though? For that I"m not sure. But then again, neither does Adderall. This program is not a magic pill, but the start of a major lifestyle change that will help affected people regain the ability to do what they consciously want to focus on.

Overall rating

I give Concentration Zen a solid 4.5 out of 5. Not a magic pill, nor was it intended to be. It is a collection of methods that anyone can use at home to regain conscious control of how their brain thinks and manages its attention span.

The end result is being able to do more in less time. And that"s what I was looking for.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts – Should You Get It? All of this you"ll discover in Concentration Zen review. If you want to read more click the link above.

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