Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Top Clubbell Athletics Foundations Guide!

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Since the launch of the Clubbell Athletics (CBA) system, it has become apparent there is a need for a product that can deliver the basic skillset necessary to safely progress the Clubbell Athlete. Clubbell Athletics Foundations is a comprehensive platform to work on the fundamentals of Clubbell Training in a safe, engaging format.

It is unique in that it offers exposure to the vast complexities of the tool in an accessible, beginner-friendly layout.

CBA Foundations is a Circular Strength Training® (CST) based system, which utilizes the tri-ring integration approach to training. In essence, each exercise is wrapped in a pre and post “work-phase” recovery period.

The mobility drills prime and lubricate the key movers, while the cooldown poses decompress the major muscle groups to restore the tissues back to resting length.

Each exercise has a complimentary activation drill to stimulate areas that tend to need reminding so that “cheating” with more dominant areas (otherwise know as overcompensation) occurs less often.

The result is increased range of motion, less delayed muscle soreness/lactic acid build up, uniform/balanced muscle development, and improved postural awareness.

Clubbell Athletics Foundations was created primarily as an entry-level product for the Clubbell initiate. This program provides a comprehensive platform to work on the fundamentals of Clubbell training in a safe and engaging format.

Aside from the obvious appeal to the rookie Clubbeller, CBA Foundations is also immensely beneficial to the intermediate and advanced athlete.

Each exercise was intentionally selected to help weed-out areas of weakness, power-leakage, and misalignment that would otherwise go unnoticed. Every level, from basic to complex, will prove to be a humbling and revealing experience for even the most adept Clubbell practitioner...

Conclusion and Final Thoughts – Should You Get It? All of this you"ll discover in Clubbell Athletics Foundations review. Take a close look on this product.

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