Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The 44 Hour Diet Plan Matt Marshall Fat Loss System

If the idea of trying a controversial approach scares you, well I understand. But if you do what you"ve always done, you"ll get what you"ve always gotten. A certified personal trainer Matt Marshall used the Scottish fat loss protocol as a starting point, made some of his own unique alterations and created what is now known as the 44 Hour Diet Plan.

Most diet books are jam-packed with glossy photos and page after page of "rah-rah" filler material. You"ll find no such nonsense here.

The 44 Hour Diet book contains very few pictures. It"s a short book - you"ll be able to read the entire manual in about an hour.

Here"s a sample of what"s inside "The 44 Hour Diet" book...

The full, uncensored story of the Scottish man who lost 293 pounds in a single year with exercise... and how you can mimic his strategy to get a lean & fit physique quickly

Why eating "clean" or trying to eat healthy foods all the time is HUGE MISTAKE... and the unusual reason why feasting on junk food can actually kick-start your fat loss

My full, controversial 3-part plan that forces your body to burn stored body fat even after you quit the 44-hour diet...

The shocking reason why I give my clients a "green light" when they ask about drinking beer, wine or spirits

The shocking reason why I FORBID my clients to consume protein shakes - and what I recommend instead for those looking to gain muscle

Surprise! Contrary to popular belief - eating late at night can actually ACCELERATE your fat loss efforts. Yes, even if you make poor food choices. Full story on page 46.

The trick I use to eat a pint of ice cream at night and still wake up leaner the next day (you will LOVE me for this)

Exercise is over-rated. It"s true: If you want to lose fat and get lean, exercise is a huge waste of time. Do this instead...

The 2 dirt-cheap supplements that actually work. (This tip alone could save you thousands of dollars.)

Why common health foods and even popular "super foods" are probably making you fatter... and the sinful foods to eat instead for maximum fat loss

Why sticking with a diet too long can make you fatter... and the amazing results my clients get by "quitting" this diet plan after just 44 hours

Plus much... much more...

So if you want a diet book that will look pretty sitting on your shelf, this isn"t right for you and you"ll just be wasting my time and yours when you order today.

However, if you"re the kind of person who values RESULTS above anything else... then I think you and I will get along just fine. More importantly, I think you"ll be amazed at how quickly your body transforms once you put The 44 Hour Diet into practice. So with that out of the way, there"s something else you should know:...

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