Friday, April 8, 2016

The Leaked Secret to 30 Quick Healthy Breakfasts Discovered

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We all know the advantages of a good breakfast. You’ve just had 8 hours with no food or water. The result? No doubt you are dehydrated, have low blood sugar and have little energy. You need good food now and not cream biscuits later at morning tea.

30 Quick Healthy Breakfasts is another ebook in Pamela Vintens popular "Super Healthy Meals" Series.

Eating a quick healthy breakfast recipe sets the scene as to how the rest of your day pans out food wise. Quick healthy breakfast recipes which are nutritious and taste great.

Many of the recipes can be made the night before and just grabbed from the fridge as you race out the door. It doesn’t get any quicker than that!

How great would it be to have a book of quick healthy breakfast recipes at your fingertips?

I know we all have good intentions but the reality often comes up short. You know a good breakfast is important and you resolve to make the time. Morning rush arrives and out the door you run with a promise to...

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