Monday, August 31, 2015

Double Chin Exercises

Even if you are in good shape physically, people are left with a lesser mental image of your protruding double chin.

Seeing myself in candid photos was the worst! I recall the embarrassing feeling when being photographed, and I even had a special pose to hide my chubby chin line.

The Platysma area under the chin is home to fat cell reserves – the FIRST place your body stores excess fat. It’s also the LAST place your body burns fat from.

The 58 facial muscles can quickly burn off your double chin. The secret is how you exercise the 4 major muscle groups: Masseter, Mentalis, Buccinators, and Platysma.

This is truly a short-cut to looking thinner, without having to loose more weight! In just a few weeks I can already see and feel the difference around my neck and jaw line!"

This is not for everyone – If you are overweight…

Double Chin Exercises

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