Monday, August 31, 2015

Dr Shirley Chocolate Lovers Detox

Winter is a great time to detox, and you can have all the lovely warming foods such as great healthy soups as well as hot chocolate every day.

Yes its scientifically proven that being cold stimulates your body metabolism and increases fat burning. So you don’t have to do anything except enjoy the cold weather. At the same time, eating healthy oils like coconut oil stimulates fat burning too and you can combine it with chocolate in my healthy daily chocolate recipe. So all you have to do is combine the three together in my healthy chocolate detox and you have  the best strategy for natural weight loss that’s so easy.

People mistakenly think that winter is a time to put on weight and cover-up. The problem with that is then you have to work twice as hard to get your bikini ready body come spring. Why…

Dr Shirley Chocolate Lovers Detox

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