Monday, August 31, 2015

The Real Chinese Chi Kung

The history of Chi Kung can be traced back to about five thousand years ago in China. Since there were emperors ruling over the country claiming to be the Son of the Sky (??, a traditional concept that was used to fool the common people, Sky in ancient time in China sometimes is equivalent to God, the emperors wanted the people to believe that they were authorized by God to rule over, so listen and obey at all time, no question asked) who loved the power, glory, position and privilege so much that they wanted immortality.

People of knowledge tried very hard to satisfy their emperor. Roughly speaking, there were two groups of people studying this, the first group tended to use medicine, it ended up that eleven emperors in Chinese history have been poisoned to death by this so called Immortality Medicine.

The second group found that the best…

The Real Chinese Chi Kung

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